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Laura is from Puerto Rico. She moved to Florida with her family when she was only 8 years old. She started getting the love for photography when she went to her first convention in 2004 when she was 14 years old. Funny enough she would take photos with a disposable camera. She would take photos of everyone she saw. Slowly through the next couple years she would ask her parents for a digital camera. When she got her first digital camera she never stopped taking photos. 

She took some photography classes in high school and college. She also took time to learn on her own with youtube. When she was in college she got a film camera and had a blast using those types of older cameras. Around 2010 she got her first DSLR, she got the Nikon D3000. Started taking photos of friends and going to group shoots and slowly with that she was able to learn more. She started with mostly shooting in auto and throughout the years of networking and learning from other photographers she learned the ways of manual with the camera. 

She has been learning so much and is currently on her second camera which is a Nikon D7500. She hasn't ventured out of Nikon yet but eventually would like too so she can get an experience with other types of cameras. 

Laura is now on the search to venture the wedding industry and hopes to make it full time. This has been a long dream for Laura and really wants to be out there capturing others memories.